What’s the best and quickest way to find a job online?

I get job invites every month. Previously, it was even more often, due to my open LinkedIn account. I often wondered why people seem to have issues with presenting themselves to the recruiters?..

Here is my list of what one should be doing to get a job quick:

1. Define the direction 
What you will be doing? Decide on ONE direction and stick to it.

2. Create a resume according to that direction

This is where TITLE matters, and you want to make it as clear and understandable as possible, so that it’s easy for potential employers and recruiters to find you and the best fit for you.

3. Keep social media accounts nice, pretty and professional

If you have kittens and photos on a beach in a swimming suit all around your page, better close it for your friends only.

I would recommend however getting all your social media in order: professional looking profile picture, some professional information in the “About Me” section, some professional articles on your personal page – so that anyone who might check would be impressed and satisfied.

4. Register on LinkedIn

This social network is for professional relations only, so even having an account in that network would be a plus for your professional reputation. A well-structured, beautifully created, close to the direction you claim that you belong to – something that would catch an eye of a recruiter or employer.

Get references if possible, take some tests on Lynda to add to your LinkedIn account – be sociable and communicate, and it won’t take long before the HRs find you.

5. Register at remote employment platforms, like www.jobsharing.tk or indeed.ie or any other.

Just google “online jobs” – and your country for example (like “online jobs Ireland” or “remote jobs UK” or whatever). That is, if you’re looking for remote employment in some local company. Register on those platforms – and craft your accounts thoroughly and diligently.

6. Join thematic groups that relate to the chosen direction

You would be amazed at how much useful information you could find there. Useful tips, advice, professional secrets, job posts, recommendations, connections… simply find those groups – on social media, in different communities, subscribe and check them out from time to time, since some nice opportunities might arise.

7. Let the world know you are open – don’t underestimate the power of networking!

When you say “I’m open to opportunities”, they will come. Either someone sees your status and tells his connections that he’s seen some available resource (yourself, that is) walking unattended on a job website or recruiters would find you themselves – the word of mouth goes faster than you think.

8. Try to create a portfolio that corresponds to your chosen direction

If you position yourself as a copywriter, create a portfolio of texts, blog posts, articles etc etc. Yes, it might take time to shape it all up, but it’s never a work wasted, as this is your professional “face”.

Good luck in your job search!