What is the most disrespectful thing you have encountered at work?

I was working the front of a clothing store and a customer came in. He was very excited about his tattoo on his arm and wanted to show it off. It was freshly done and very nice. I believe it was a Captain America Tattoo. I complimented him on it and tried to switch the conversation back to our merchandise because I was working. He went on to shame my face tattoo. I have a star tattooed beside my right eye and have for almost ten years now. It’s not perfect. The tissue around your eye is very thin and it bled some, plus it’s pretty old. He was joking about where at must have gotten it done and that I should have found a better artist.

What he didn’t know was that it had been a gift from an artist who had died that year. I’m actually suspicious it was paid for by an abusive ex, because him and the artist were friends and he had told me he had wanted to pay for my first tattoo as a Christmas present once, but at the time the artist drank almost constantly and I didn’t trust him. He eventually had to sober up for his health and focused more on his work. While I did get the tattoo done in his basement workshop, it was clean. He had set up a professional tattoo station in his basement and ai watched him open the clean needle before he worked on me. Sadly he hadn’t stopped living excessively before it had ill effects on his health and he died the year this happened.

So I told this customer that I was very proud of my tattoo and that he should reconsider being so disrespectful because not everyone has the same taste or income he does.

He was very offended and quickly grabbed his family and left the store.

I was glad to see him go. I always try to be kind when I’m at work and dealing with customers, but if you are disrespectful I will set you straight. If you can’t handle that, that’s your own fault.