What is it like to be unemployed at middle age? Let’s say 29

Four years ago my friend told me that she was jobless for 6 months before she got a new one. I was laughing because I can’t imagine someone being jobless for 6 months. That must be boring.

Then, at 29 years old, I became jobless. What a good karma after laughing at my friend. Exactly, I was also jobless for almost 6 months as well.

When I graduated from bachelor degree, I immediately got a job. And I worked for almost 4 years before taking a master degree.

I was fully confident that I will secure a job after completing my master but, I was overly confident which made me unemployed for 5–6 months.

During that 6 months, I was attending at least 5 interviews, rejecting some offers due to very low salary and I ended up jobless. Having no jobs for 6 months drained my saving accounts. I have almost nothing. I also started questioning my credibility and potential. I was asking myself : Do I ask for too high a salary?

Then, I finally secured a job. Not a prestigious one but at least I do something and work. But I was underpaid and this work also ruined my time. I work more than 10–14 hours a day and at the end of the day, my supervisor is still not satisfied with my performance. I feel that I have already given everything. I was devastated and sad. I worked there for 6 months and I quit. I took this initiative before I could be fired.

And being unemployed, again.

This time I feel stronger. I can manage it. I negotiate a better salary and I secured another job within one month, I get better offer. I am grateful now but in my life, I will never forget how it feels being unemployed. It is depressing, a lot anxiety, triggering anger and even though I travelled a lot, I didn’t enjoy as much as I could because of the uncertainty of when I will work again.

Even I lost appetite to eat and did water fasting for several days because unemployment and run out of money. Maybe, the only good thing is I know how to survive in bad condition and I can still find ‘real’ friends even when I were unemployed.