Tips on How to Make a Solid yet Simple CV for Landing Your Dream Jobs!

When it comes to creating a resume, simpler is often better. Many career experts recommend keeping your resume to one page to make it easier for hiring managers and recruiters to review since they might have more than hundreds of resume per day. That guideline might limit the information you can present, but it can also force you to focus on what is most important to the potential employer.

Here are some tips on how to make your resume / CV stand out:

  • Start your resume by typing your full name and contact information. Provide as many options as possible for contacting you, including home phone, work phone if applicable, cell phone and email address.
  • Create a simple and straightforward objective section that clearly states your employment goal. For instance, “To obtain an administrative or secretarial position in a dynamic, fast-growing company.”
  • List each job you have held, starting with the most recent. List the job title, start and end dates of employment and key accomplishments. Focus on achievements, and make them the cornerstone of the experience section.
  • Underneath the work experience section, create an education section after the experience section. Start with your most recent college courses or training classes, then list graduate school if applicable and your college education. List the name of the educational institution and your start and end dates for each. List the degrees you hold. You do not have to list your high school education if you do not have room. The recruiter can safely assume that if you attended college you previously graduated from high school.
  • List at least three work references at the end of your resume. Provide the hiring manager with the name of each individual, that person’s job title or business, and a phone number or email address where each can be reached.

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