Three Reasons Why Facebook Will Be Your CV!

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Three Reasons Why Facebook Will Be Your CV!

Although you already have had an awesome portfolio website, LinkedIn profile, etc., Facebook still would be your MAIN CV.

Currently, the vast majority of people seem to be using all parts of social media gadgets on their daily life, including looking for jobs, booking tickets, sharing photos, scheduling events, etc. There are absolutely huge numbers of social media platforms nowadays with crazy potential in terms of sales, connecting people, etc. This fact literally has changed the way we interact with each others. More social media online contact than ever before for the entire human history.
If you look at deeply into several major social media platforms nowadays, only a few of them has enormous growth over the past decades. Some have left the business, such as Myspace and Friendster. However, one of them has a significant impact on our day to day life. Yes, it is Facebook. Regardless of the story behind Facebook itself, the company now worth $100 billion of the company stocks value based on the report from Deloitte. Facebook keeps on adding a lot of new features that have been adopted from their competitors and most of them have been acquired. Names a few of them such Oculus VR (Virtual reality technology), WhatsApp (Mobile instant messaging), Jibbigo (Speech translation app), Branch (Web conversation platform), Spool ( Mobile bookmarking and sharing content),, Instagram (Photo sharing platform), and many more. At least based on wikipedia, Facebook alone has been acquiring at least 57 companies since 2005. Since the company itself has a very young yet powerful CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook has a huge potential in the future. That’s why back in 2007, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg rejected Steve Ballmer’s offers from Microsoft to buy the social network for $15 billion.

Nowadays, everyone turns their head down and come back to Facebook. It does look like everything has been brought back to Facebook no matter what. This attracts a lot of people to use social media for sales, marketing campaign, and most importantly hiring people. Some people might not aware that most of the hiring managers nowadays also use social media to track, attract, and select their potential employees.
Believe it or not, the first thing that many people do if they want to get to know somebody, just google it. Thanks to internet. By using google search, you can find out a lot of things and get to know a complete stranger within seconds. The first result on google might re-direct you to Facebook. Since Facebook is the most common and highest traffic platform, it appears to be the first thing that would be listed on google search result too. Therefore, be aware of anything that you put on your Facebook profile. Facebook nowadays is completely different than back in the early 2005. Once you aware of this, if you’re looking for a job or in the selection process of getting a job, be sure that you put appropriate stuffs on your Facebook profile. If you look at it from different prescriptive, you might be able to turn lemon into lemonade. Having said that you can turn your Facebook as your main platform for selling yourself and getting hired by turning your Facebook into your CV.
Here are three major reasons why Facebook would be your main CV:
  1. Most people use their social media as the way / platform to express their true self, not only the good side but also the dark side as well. Many people only put their achievement and all of the best part on their CV including the most popular social media for applying jobs, LinkedIn. This true value/fact about you would be very attractive for the employers to study the honest side of the prospective employee.
  2. Facebook contains the most attractive and richest source of information and data about someone. Some experts say that if you want to know somebody, just come and visit their Facebook profile. It holds true in many ways. In the nutshell, Facebook could give a big impact on someone’s life whether or not he/she will get a job.
  3. Since Facebook offers a unique users experience for everyone, Facebook is also very attractive for the employers to search more detail about somebody like you. What is your most share feeds on your Facebook ? What is your daily status updates? How do you react to posts on Facebook group? All of these questions pretty much define your personality, EQ and IQ without having to do the 2 hours cognitive tests and most importantly the results comes with almost 98% of accuracy.

After knowing these facts, Would you still be interested in turning your Facebook profile into a very nice CV and turn lemon into lemonade?