The 10 Most Important Working Skills That You’ll Need To Succeed in 2020

If you think carefully, 5 years from now, your job might be obsolete. Your skills might not be needed anymore. Above all, the scariest thing, however, is that you must learn new skills in order to get a job in the very competitive market in 2020. It is not a joke nor a prank. You might have seen several indubitable facts that support this ideas, such as the use of artificial intelligence (AI), self driving car, autonomous delivery vehicle by amazon and domino pizza (see the video below), humanoid robot, internet of things (IoT), and many many more. The world has changed and it keeps on changing even faster for the next 5 years.

It is truly the rise of the 4th industrial revolution. Like we have never seen before, several key important skills will be on high demand 5 years from now. In 2020, the ability to come up with solutions, ideas and responses will be highly sought after and propel you to the front of the business line. The ability to critically asses and develop content by utilizing and leveraging new forms of media effectively will be highly desirable in all employees. Cross cultural competency, the ability to operate within different cultural settings, will be needed to thrive in work and business as it becomes increasingly global. And if you can’t work well with others in virtual environments, you might not have any choices except using the telecommuting media for collaborating with others cheaply and efficiently.
Here are top 10 most important work skills that you’ll need to succeed in 2020 based on


The 10 Most Important Working Skills That You'll Need To Succeed in 2020

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