What would you do differently at the age of 20?

Great type of question!

Now, I’m going to let you in on a little secret that will put you MILES ahead of your contemporaries.


Here it is…

At the age of 20, your BIGGEST asset is not your money, it’s your energy and naivety.

At 20, you’re young and full of hopes and aspirations.

Life has yet to kick the crap out of you and leave you pissed off and jaded.

And NOW is the time to capitalize on this.

When hired for one of my current jobs, the CEO told me two things:

  1. Never tell a client how much experience you (don’t) have.
  2. Never tell a client how old you are.

That is my advice to you.

You are young. In everything you do — from work, to hobbies, to daily tasks — you will be told you’re too young to know what you’re doing.

People will not trust you.

People will discount your opinion because of your age.

People will refuse to hire you because of your age (sad, but true).

So don’t tell them.

You’ll accomplish something big and get that urge to yell:


That is a large, blinking sign for companies, clients, and partners to steer clear.

Do good work that would be respected if you were 15 or 55.

And never let your age become a crutch.

“I’m only 20” is not an excuse to avoid being challenged.

Dive into every opportunity, no matter how daunting.

You’ll feel young compared to giants.

You’ll feel you have so much to learn.

You’ll feel sorely inadequate.

The ant that never gets squashed is the one who never leaves the nest.

But the ant who gets to see every blade of grass and brings home the food—

Is the ant that took the risk.

You will get squashed.

It will hurt.

But if you start building that thick skin now—

Imagine what you’ll have to show for it years down the line.

But doing everything without your age in mind is the greatest thing I’ve learned over the past year.

To put things into detail perspective, here are the list of things you need to do:

1. Invest in Self Education

The first and most important investment you can make in yourself is in your self education.

When I use this term, I am referring to educating yourself about yourself.

Unfortunately, our schools don’t teach us how to understand our personality, the psychological tendencies driving our lives, or the subconscious scripts that determine what we do.

So you need to learn about these things and learn about them ASAP.

Read books on self help, personal development, and peak performance.

Go to seminars if you can afford it (if not, then volunteer).

Listen to podcasts with people you admire.

Bookmark a dozen blogs from famous individuals living a life that you want and devour every word they share.

Figure out how to optimize YOURSELF and learn how your brain works so that you can get yourself to do the things you want to do.

Everyone reading this has the potential to be happy, make millions, and live the dream… But to achieve these goals, you must first commit to self mastery.

And the journey to self mastery starts with self education.

2. Invest in a Coach

At 22 years old, a coach is one of the most valuable (and high ticket) investments that you can make.

Despite what you’ve been lead to believe, a life coach isn’t someone who just tells you what to do with your life.

Rather, they are an individual who (hopefully) has a wealth of experience in identifying and eradicating limiting beliefs.

If you can work with a high performance coach who will help you stamp out your negative beliefs and mindsets so that you are acting and achieving at the highest possible level, the rest of your life will be 10x easier.

A good coach will help you make the right decisions, get more out of yourself, and figure out how you can maximize your natural strengths and abilities to generate the best results long term

3. Invest in Long Term World Travel

You will NEVER regret taking 1–5 years to travel the world and experience all this marvelous planet has to offer.

If you don’t have money, then volunteer your way around the world with WorkAway or Helpx. Or, start freelancing and earn $1,000 a month writing copy or designing websites. (that’s more than enough to live comfortably in developing countries).

Travelling the world will challenge you in every imaginable way. It will kick you out of your comfort zone and teach you more about life than any book, guru, or seminar ever could.

My BIGGEST regret in my 20’s was not taking the opportunity to travel and see the world.

The time is now.

So just do it.

4. Invest Your Energy Into Learning 3–4 Highly Marketable Skills

In your 20’s you want to identify 3–4 high marketable skills that you have a natural interest in.

For example, if you’re a good writer, you could learn sales copy, advertising, and content creation.

If you’re good with people, learn about negotiation and sales.

If you have a mind for numbers, then pick up coding, finance, or crypto.

Find 3–4 things that you enjoy doing and then invest every spare second of your day into MASTERING those skills.

Have you ever wondered how many wealthy people can make millions, go broke, and then earn it all back within a year?

It’s because their true asset isn’t their business… It’s their knowledge.

If you know how to help someone else make more money or increase the quality of their customer experience… You will never have to worry about employment ever again.

Even if you work a job right now doing something you love, spend your free time learning and mastering marketable skills and your life will change because of it.

5. Invest in YOURSELF and Save Serious Relationships for Later

This isn’t a point you will want to hear but I’m going to say it anyways.

Your 20’s are NOT the time to get into serious relationships.

You don’t know yourself. Your finances are probably in the crapper. And your future is completely uncertain.

The last thing you want to do is try to figure yourself out while trying to figure out someone else too.

Stay away from serious relationships in your early 20’s and work on yourself.

Date around, sure. Become a social powerhouse and learn the ins and outs of seduction and attraction.

But don’t commit just yet.

You aren’t ready… Trust me

6. Invest in Your Health and Energy

Nothing is more valuable than your health.

In your 20’s you should do your best to build your dream body and become ridiculously healthy.

Spend your money on healthy foods and supplements.

Train with free weights 5x a week (even if you’re a woman). Sprint once or twice a week.

Do whatever you need to do to become the healthiest, sexiest, strongest version of yourself possible and you will thank yourself in your 30’s.

7. Invest in Your Network

Your network determines your net worth.

It sounds cheesy, but it’s true.

In your 20’s you should invest every dollar you can afford into masterminds, meetups, and VIP seminars so that you can meet and connect with powerful and successful individuals.

Build a network of successful peers and (as harsh as this may sound) cut out or limit contact with low status friends.

The people you spend your time with are either pushing you to succeed or pulling you backwards.

If someone isn’t a positive influence (whether they’re already successful or not) the exise them from your life and move on.