What are the lessons you have learned in 2018 ?

Here’s a very interesting story which you can closely relate to yourself while working in a corporate in 2018.

A butcher watching over his shop is really surprised when he saw a Dog coming inside the shop. He shoos him away. But later, the Dog is back again. So, he goes over to the Dog and notices he has a note in his mouth.

He takes the note and it reads, “Can I have 12 Sausages and a leg of Lamb, please. The Dog has money in his mouth, as well”. The butcher looks inside and, behold, a ten dollar bill. So he takes the money and puts the sausages and lamb in a bag, placing it in the Dog’s mouth.

The butcher is so impressed, and since it’s about closing time, he decides to shut up shop and follow the Dog. The Dog is walking down the street when he comes to a level crossing. The Dog puts down the bag, jumps up and presses the button. Then he waits patiently, bag in mouth, for the lights to turn. They do, and he walks across the road, with the butcher following him all the way.

The Dog then comes to a bus stop, and starts looking at the timetable. The butcher is in awe at this stage. The Dog checks out the times, and then sits on one of the seats provided. Along comes a bus. The Dog walks around to the front, looks at the number, and goes back to his seat. Another bus comes. Again the Dog goes and looks at the number, notices it’s the right bus, and climbs on.

The butcher, by now, open-mouthed, follows him onto the bus. The bus travels through the town and out into the suburbs, the Dog looking at the scenery. Eventually he gets up, and moves to the front of the bus. He stands on 2 back paws and pushes the button to stop the bus. Then he gets off, his groceries still in his mouth. Well, Dog and butcher are walking along the road, and then the Dog turns into a house.

He walks up the path, and drops the groceries on the step. Then he walks back down the path, takes a big run, and throws himself against the door. He goes back down the path, runs up to the door and again, it throws himself against it.

There’s no answer at the house, so the Dog goes back down the path, jumps up on a narrow wall, and walks along the perimeter of the garden. He gets to the window, and beats his head against it several times, walks back, jumps off, and waits at the door.

The butcher watches as a big guy opens the door, and starts abusing the Dog, kicking him and punching him, and swearing at him.

The butcher runs up, and stops the guy. “What in heaven’s name are you doing? The Dog is a genius. He could be on TV!” to which the guy responds: “You call this clever? This is the second time this week that this stupid Dog’s forgotten his key.”

Moral of the story: You may continue to exceed onlookers’ expectations but shall always fall short of the boss’s expectations! It’s a Dog’s life after all.

Aside from that story, here are some highlights of the lessons learned in 2018, especially in the corporate world.

  1. There is nothing called “FRIENDS” in office

You can find your potential business partner at your companies but they are not your friends, they will be with you as long as the “friendship is beneficial” and they will leave you or even betray you if the “friendship is no longer beneficial.

No matter how close you are to your colleagues, keep your personal life, your dreams, your own plans,… yourself and do not share to anyone in your office. You never know what they will do with these information.

It’s like people wears so many masks in the corporate world. You have to be careful.

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2. Work is just work, you have more to do in your life

Try to manage your job, leave at 6 pm or 5 pm (depends on your office’s hours). You think that you have a lot of jobs, so you have to stay late to finish all your works. You think that you have to impress your boss, so you should stay late to tell your boss that you are a hard worker. You think that if you work for more hours, you will be better at your job and will be recognized by your boss or your company.

But NO, those thoughts are all wrong.

In fact, you can finish all your tasks within the working hours by wisely managing your time and by saying no to waste – of – time and nonsense tasks. The most important thing is your performance, your result and these terms are not defined by how many hours you put in but by how much effort and how much “grey matter” you put in the work and how much benefit your works create, NOT by how many hours it takes to do it.

Spend your after – work time to recharge, to learn something new and to take care of your family, your friends or your loved one.

3. “Support” is a sensitive word

Always know what is your main responsibility in the job and put it your first priority.


Because people will take you for granted if you always say YES to all the task they ask you to do or ask you for help. And you are not recognized for what you have done for others. Gradually, they will consider that is “your responsibility” and automatically, you have to do more tasks but still get the same pay or same recognition.

4. Once you take the task, do it extremely

If you do not agree with your current pay, you can either have a conversation with your boss for a raise or leave if you are not satisfied with what the company offers you, no complain.

If you cannot leave because of your personal situation, continue to fulfill all your tasks professionally. As long as you still work for the company and get pay from them, you still need to do your best.

5. No personal feelings or emotion at work

If you like or do not like someone, personally, keep that feeling yourself. Your mission is to corporate with the team, including those you like and those you dislike, and to deliver the most outstanding work.

If you are heartbroken, running out of money or have any personal stuff, try to not let them affect your works. If you feel like to cannot, then take some days off and make sure when you come back, you have to work. No one cares why you are sad, they just care if you can or cannot deliver the job.

6. You cannot please everyone

There are “eyes” and “ears” everywhere. Whatever you do, people always have something bad to say about . You just need to do what please you first as long as you harm no one.

7. Networking wisely

Do not accept every invitation or go to every party, chose wisely which person you should meet, which kind of event you should attend and how to build your own network, internally and externally.

Learn and practice how to brand yourself because you never know what kind of opportunity you can get from the network you have built.

8. Always control your emotion, do not “overacting”

Words have blades. If you feel angry, hatred or super excited, just let yourself know only. When you feel like you want to shout at somebody, take a deep breath and think twice about any words you want to use.

Keep neutral attitude in office. You can master by practicing. If you can smile or keep a neutral face in every single circumstance, no one can know what you actually think, you can go very far.

9. Be kind to people

There are coworkers that are good to you and there are people that are not good to you but no matter how bad some people treat you, just spread your kindness and your smile because good things are gonna happen. And do respect your superiors, your inferiors and your peers.

10. Always find a way to enjoy your works

Averagely, you spend 7 hours to sleep and 8 hours at your office place, nearly half your awaken – time. So working is an important part of your life, learn how to enjoy and make fun out of what you are doing.

There are times you might feel stressful or lost, keep believing that it is just temporary, all great things are waiting for your ahead. And always feel grateful because you have a job while there are tons of people are jobless out there.

11. If you cannot see a future in the company

When you did your best but still feel lost, then leave.

Do not scare that you cannot do anything else if you throw yourself into the world. There are handful of opportunities out there, you just have to be brave enough to try and turn them into your own successful story.

It might be because you stay at the same place, work the same job for too long, or it might be because people around you keep saying for long time that you are not good enough. Do not worry, there are a lot of places that need someone like you. You will find yourself a “valuable asset” somewhere else.

12. If you are a sales, treat your customer honestly

Being a sales is always challenging but also interesting because you can meet a lot of great clients. Whatever you offer your customers, put yourself in customers’ shoes, think as if you are the one who pay – how you can utilize your money and how you can make the most out of certain resource.

When it comes to sales, always work with all your heart, put your enthusiasm and passion in the jobs, you will never know what you can get oneday.

13. Never underestimate your own value and ability

Last but not least, you are not allowed to underestimate yourself. People have the right to say anything to you, but you are not entitled to do so with yourself.

You will be what you think. If you cannot find out yet, by keep looking and never lose your faith, one day you will.