Vladimirs Fedjunins




Dear Sirs

My name is Vladimir Fedjunin . I am very interested in apply for a position of night sorter in your company.

I am currently living in Latvia , but due to the economical crisis in my country, I would like to move abroad.

I have been working at Havi Logistics since 2012 . I started out as an order picker, and then got promoted to inbound receiver , and year later to Outbound Controller.

I was selected to go on a business trip to Norway in 2016 . I have proved myself there and on my returns was promoted to a Shift leader .

In the 6 years working for Havi Logistics I acquired license to drive forklift . I completed different work related training courses in order to better myself  , and improve the standarts of my work performance .

I take pride in what I do , I can fill different positions throughout warehouse using different machinery and equipment . I have been working on my own initiative , as well as part of the team , dealing with any arising problems , in efficient manner . I can work overtime , day or night shifts to ensure smooth running of the company.

I am available for the interview over the phone or email .

Should you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact me .

Hope the above is in order.

King regards,

Your Faithfully ,

Vladimir Fedjunin .

  • Updated 4 years ago