Tadhg McAuliffe


Electrical and Electronic Engineer

County Cork Ireland


Tadhg McAuliffe


Meadowview House,



Email: [email protected]

Tel: 086-6698025


Co. Cork.


·         A confident communicator that works well in teams.

·         Knows how to use own initiative while working on individual assignments.

·         Comfortable with Microsoft operations along with programming languages in C# and MATLAB.

·         Hardworking student looking to further career beyond an undergraduate level.

·         Diligent student that achieves good grades.

·         Seeking a career in Electrical and Electronic Engineering.




Third Level Education:

Name:                                    University College Cork                                                                              2014 – 2018

BE(Hons) Electrical & Electronic Engineering

Address:                                College Road,

Co. Cork.


Current Grade: 2H1


Expected Grade: 1H


3rd Year Results: (2H1)

·         Analogue Integrated Circuits: 74%

·         Mechanical Systems:  70%

·         Heat Transfer & Cooling Systems: 65%

·         Electromagnetic Fields for Engineers 61%

·         Intro to Electrical Power Systems: 63%

·         Intro to Electric Drives: 62%

·         Telecommunications I: 62%

·         Digital Integrated Circuits: 60%

·         Control Engineering: 46%


2nd Year Results: (2H2)

·         Numerical methods & programming: 47%

·         Linear Circuit Analysis: 65%

·         Signals & Systems I: 40%

·         Electrical Power Engineering I: 70%

·         Mathematics for Engineering: 52%

·         Semiconductor Materials & Devices: 62%

·         Electronic Circuits: 57%

·         Digital Electronics: 41%

·         Non-Linear Circuit Analysis: 45%

·         Signals & Systems II:  50%

·         Engineering Thermodynamics: 53%

·         Electrical Power Engineering II: 46%


1st Year Results: (2H2)

·         Mechanics 1: 65%

·         Engineering Materials: 69%

·         Professional Engineering: 51%

·         Electrical and Electronic Systems: 56%

·         Calculus and Linear Algebra: 44%

·         Mechanics 2: 50%

·         Chemistry: 45%

·         Physics 1: 45%

·         Physics 2: 62%




Secondary Education:

Name:      Christian Brothers College Cork.                            Years Attended: 2008 – 2014

Address:   Sidney hill,

Wellington Terrace,

Co. Cork.


Leaving Certificate Results:   500 points Achieved

•          Maths: Higher B3

•          Biology: Higher A2

•          Accounting: Higher A2

•          Physics: Higher B1

•          Chemistry: Higher B3

•          German: Higher C3

•          English: Higher C3

•          Irish: Ordinary C1



Technical Skills

·         Programming languages: Proficient in C# programming.

·         Operating Systems: Knowledge of Windows applications.

·         Software Applications: Familiar with MATLAB, LTspice, Minitab, Simulink, Multisim, Cadence, Advanced Design Software (ADS), HSPICE and Verilog.

·         Project Management and Teamwork: Accustomed to delivering technical projects technical projects within a short period of time. Familiar with project lifecycles and data analysis. Enjoy working in a team orientated environment and I try to expand my network as much as possible.


Interpersonal Skills

·         Communication: Developed through frequently required to produce reports and make presentations and work experience roles dealing with customers and clients.

·         Organisational: Effective at managing time and prioritising workload to achieve college deadlines.

·         Interpersonal: Strong team-working skills and natural ability to get on well with people, developed through part-time work roles and active participation in team sports.

·         Driving Licence: Provisional Licence.


4th Year Projects:

·         Final year project consists of developing a set of laboratory RF transmission line experiments for a future lectures module.

·         Designs required range from Low pass, High pass, Band pass filters to GPS antennas and Rat-race couplers.

·         All designs implemented on ADS an industry standard software and tested using a vector network analyser.

3rd Year Projects:

E-fuse – Placement Project

·         Responsible for designing a circuit to almost instantaneously turn off a Field Effect Transistor (FET) instantaneously.

·         If either a gate or drain voltage exceeded a pre-set limit the FET would be turned off immediately.

2nd Year Projects:

Design of an Obstacle Avoiding Motor Powered device

·         Undertook an in-depth analysis and design of the obstacle avoiding device.

·         Worked with a team of three for the duration of the project.

·         Individual responsibility for the preliminary mechanical layout and project submission.

·         Project required attending weekly meetings to coordinate design and to tackle problems needed to be overcome.

Career History

MACOM Partners from RF to Light – Undergraduate Reliability Engineer April – August 2017

·         Worked as a Reliability Engineer at MACOM partners from RF to Light.

·         Responsible for qualifying semiconductor devices by simulating the stresses the devices may encounter during all phases of its life. This Involved functional testing on various electronic components.

·         Worked part of a team meeting strict deadlines for new product releases.

·         Collecting test results for analysis and presenting in qualification reports.

·         Large range of tasks associated with this reliability position including data analysis and circuit design.

Tesco Customer Assistant (September 2015 – September 2017)

·         Required to work across more than one departments.

·         These departments ranged from tills, fruit and vegetables to produce.

·         Having a professional and courteous manner.

·         Ensuring the customer’s needs are satisfied when leaving the store.


Achievements and Interests

·         GAA:  Active member of Sarsfield’s GAA club. Have experience playing at inter-county level all the way up at underage level.

·         Equestrian: Take part in Horse hunter trials around cork along with training race horses with the family at home. Achieved 2nd and 3rd place in local drag races at he the age of 15 and 16.

·         Charity Work: Had the wonderful opportunity representing Christian Brothers College Zambia Emersion Project for three weeks during the 2013 summer. In total the selected group raised over 50,000 euros before travelling over to help those in need.

·         Cryptocurrency Trading: Keen interest in Bitcoin possibilities and day to day trading of online currencies such as Ethereum and Ripple.


•          Mr. Barry Hutchinson

Reliability Team Lead Manager.

MACOM Partners from RF to Light.



[email protected]


·         Dr. Kevin McCarthy – Lecturer

Final year Project Supervisor.

Electrical & Electronic Engineering.

University College Cork.


[email protected]


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