Sinéad Downey




One of my key strengths is the ability to assimilate information quickly and adapt effectively to new environments and roles. I have a keen interest in technology and am proficient in all types of devices and software. I am a motivated, dependable individual. I am able to work well independently, however, I enjoy being part of a team and really value good relationships within a team, which I actively look to develop and contribute to.

My background is predominantly customer service and management in various disciplines. Through my managerial experience I have learned the customer is the key to any company’s success. Guaranteeing the customer’s journey is seamless personalised and enjoyable end to end is crucial in retaining your client. Teamwork is an essential element for a business to function well. I understand having loyal, motivated, honest staff promotes stability and repeat business. Following a KPI structure, I hold a little over ten years experience in customer –focused positions; with six diligent years in the beauty business. I have a solid educational foundation and am dedicated to customer service with a passion for business. I’m both a driven and goal oriented person who understands the importance of building a rapport and networking within society. I have a high learning capacity and enjoy communicating with others. I welcome the challenge to promote your services and meet targets which I have personal experience in as I’ve had to promote my own services and business within the competitive local beauty industry.

I am a passionate in whatever I set my mind to. I’m a loyal, innovative, friendly personality who prides herself in prioritising and completing tasks to a high standard within set time constraints. I am trustworthy, believe in honesty and respect hierarchy. I take a professional approach to all my interactions and I put the needs and values of the business first in all my communications. My living abroad, attending university and my previous work and personal experiences have enabled me to be adaptable and successful with people across a wide variety of disciplines, cultures and backgrounds.

I am now seeking to further my career and a role as a sales and service advisor would grant me the situation to learn more and develop my knowledge further. I am enthusiastic and ambitious and want to challenge myself in a different surrounding. Even though my degree is public health and health promotion, I have extensive knowledge in customer relations and multidisciplinary teams and how they manage. I’ve had experience in various different industries, at forefront of all these positions have been the customer. I feel I would make a great addition to your team as all my previous roles have been customer facing. I succeed in these roles as I enjoy the interpersonal relations and would be grateful for the chance to contribute to the overall business objective.

  • Updated 4 years ago