Saverio Vannozzi



Cork, Ireland

I am a calm, kind and honest person and I think to have the soft skills that can be useful for this role. I worked as a supervisor and as a employee in a car rental where my duties included providing assistance to clients via mail, telephone and face to face. I also managed 5 people and organised schedules for every activity (customer service, payments, invoice management, accounting). I organised the booking of the automobiles trying to rent all of them without overbooking with a daily revenue of fares. I was also the contact with suppliers for queries and payments. I improved a business plan for the car rental activity, studying market demand and considering costs and expected income. I worked also in the administrative field where I analyzed the performance of a bar, comparing sales and costs and I made sure payments, invoice management and inventory were correct. I prepared daily, weekly and monthly report about costs, profit and average occupation of cars via the Microsoft Office Package. My true talent is in administration, maths and problem solving. In my last work experience I worked as sales assistant in a luxury boutique where clients have really high expectations and the team work is essential to provide a efficient, fast and qualitative service.

I am an empathetic person which helps me to identify other person’s needs and I get great satisfaction after solving an issue and seeing a positive outcome. I am positively obsessed with improving and I would like to pursue professional development and continuous learning. What is more, I try to enhance my environment as at work as in every aspect of my life, paying a lot of attention in details. I am resourceful person with a positive outlook focused on solving issues instead of complaining about them.

  • Updated 4 years ago