Ryan O’Connell


Retail Assistant

Carrigaline, Co. Cork

Ryan O’Connell

4 St, Vincent’s Place, Blarney Street, Co. Cork

Phone: +353 871685294

Email: [email protected]







I am a multifaceted and diligent worker with an excellent work ethic, years of experience in customer service, and physically intensive work. I have shown initiative in group environments, and individually, identifying and analysing problems to increase both quality and productivity according to the business demands. I am well-versed in interpreting and executing company policies, always bearing compliance in mind. I have worked exclusively in target-driven roles with great success, I constantly strive to maintain the standard of my work to accommodate these targets. I have exceptional communication skills, both written and verbal. IT proficient.




Responsible for the fitting of all Hillary’s Blinds across Cork as a member of a team of between 3-5. As a result we were asked to include Limerick, both by customer request and reputation.
Regularly singled out for exemplary customer service, earning many spot-prizes along with having recordings of my calls used for training purposes, to show new hires what was expected of them.
Dealt with anywhere up to 250 queries a day with at least 90% first contact resolution, reducing congestion and unnecessary repeat calls.

Fitter/Labourer, Hillary’s Blinds   19/08/2014

I had to measure width, length and drop, take note of the walls composition, and fit with no cosmetic damage.
I often had to fit blinds with the residents present, with discretion, punctuality, and a friendly demeanor.
I often had to shorten blinds on the go if there was a factory mix-up, which had to be done precisely to conceal any doctoring.
Barman, The Market Tavern   20/01/2015

I had to balance multiple orders at a time, while maintaining the high social standard expected by management.
I was responsible for the cleanliness of the bar throughout the night, and before lock up.
I restocked the bar as necessary, taking note of the beverages required, filling the coolers without leaving anyone waiting.
Customer Service Representative, Eircom/Meteor (HCL)   25/03/2015

I solved a variety of technical issues, both from my side, and having to guide customers through step-by-step solutions.
I managed billing queries, giving breakdowns of charges, making calls for collections of overdue payments, and organising payment plans.
I was promoted to an internal team who dealt with store clerks, who either needed advanced technical help or to mediate an instore customer dispute.



Salesman, Sky Television (Abtran)   10/10/2015

I made outbound calls across the ROI & UK, promoting any new offers or packages available.
I primarily sold to former customers who either cancelled or were terminated, I often had to completely change a customer’s opinion of the company to secure the sale.
I provided internal support to fellow agents who were struggling with the system, or on particularly difficult queries.
Fraud Investigator, Airbnb (Voxpro)   07/03/2017

I identified and dealt accordingly with varying types of fraud, such as payment/identity/insurance fraud.
In the resolution of claims or cases, I acted independently in giving the final decision and closing the ticket, having a strong knowledge of policies and compliance.
Depending on the difficulty of the work, my target was anywhere from 50 to 100 tickets a day, which were all very time-sensitive.
Retail Assistant, Centra   15/01/2018

I served customers at the till, selling food items, scratch cards, lottery tickets, alcohol, or cigarettes.
I was responsible for keeping the store clean, fully stocked, and made sure goods were displayed tastefully.
I opened and closed the store, making sure deliveries were properly documented, the tills were counted up, and all clean-down protocols were undertaken.

St. Francis College, Rochestown 19/06/2014


English A1

Irish D1

Maths C2

French D1

History C2

Economics A2

Music A1



Knowledgeable in: Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Explorer, and Chordiant-based systems.
Fluent in English, verbal and written.

Debating/Public speaking, regularly gigging across Ireland with different groups, & reading.



Giuseppe Nicastro

Voxpro Team Leader



Sean Durnin

Abtran Team Leader



Joy O’Kelly

The Market Tavern


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