Rusmir Ahmetovic


Farm worker

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Dear sir or madam, my name is Rusmir Ahmetovic. I am 35 years old and I live in Bosnia. I would like to work as agricultural worker. I completed high school of economy in 2002. I speak basic german language and I speak fluent English language. After school I worked as administrative worker in a construction company. After company went bakrupt I started to develop my own sheep farm that now counts 50 ewes and 2 rams. I also have strawberry plantage. Becouse of bad financial situation in my country I am looking to find job in EU and since I really love working in agriculture I would be interested in farming job. If you would hire me I would be in yours debt for life. Only thing I wish for is to help my family have a better life, so please help me to make it happen

Name: Rusmir
Surname: Ahmetovic
Height: 187 cm
Wieght: 82 kg

Education: High school of economy in Celic, completed in a year 2002.

Language: Bosnian (Mother language), English (fluent), German (Basic), spanish (Basic)

Drivers licence: B and BE category

Work experience:
2002-2011 Administrative assistant in a construction company Zejcirovic d.o.o.Celic
2011- Self employed on a personal farm that grows strawberries and sheep farm

Skills: Computer use, Drivers licence B and BE, chainsaw use, fence building, animal care, tractor use

About me: I am highly motivated person. I worked as a part of 300 employee team in construction company so I consider myself to be a great team player. I do not drink alcohol or smoke cigaretes. I am a very good driver. I have B and BE category drivers licence.

I hope to hear from you soon.

sincerely, Rusmir Ahmetovic

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