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Pravin Punjabi


Email: [email protected]

Phone: +353 899827447

·         More than 9 years of experience in different fields such as Telecommunications, Digital Cable, Digital Phone, ISP and Airlines.

·         Extensive Customer Service experience (Emails and Live Chat).

·         A proven record of accomplishment in resolving complex customer issues.

·         An organized, result-oriented Customer Service Professional with an excellent track record of significantly increasing service quality.

·         Experience in Operations Management, Functions and Service Delivery for Telecom.

·         Comprehensive understanding of networking concepts pertaining to network protocols and data flow.

·         ISTQB Certified Tester – Foundation Level

·         Diploma in Office Automation


Bachelor of Commerce specializing in Banking & Insurance (73.21%)


·         Senior Process Associate at Tata Consultancy Services from 6 March 2012 to 14 August 2018

·         Support Professional at Stream Global Services from 12 September 2011 to 3 March 2012

·         Support Professional at Stream Global Services from 18 August 2008 to 19 March 2010

·         Customer Service Associate at WNS Global Services from 30 May 2007 to 20 March 2008


Last Company: Tata Consultancy Services (Mumbai, India)

Job profile:

Support for Customers and Field Technicians for Telstra (Australian Telecom Company). Processing orders as per customer requirement which includes activation, deactivation and modification of services within the TCD (Telstra Commitment Date). Validating if services can be activated/deactivated/modified after verifying all the network




details. There were many parameters and details which had to be checked so that the customers can enjoy their required services swiftly. Below is a description about the work I was involved in:

·         Over a span of 6.5 years with TCS, I was trained in multiple queues and had a wide knowledge of working with different technologies and people.  I have worked for customer service (Emails and Chat), backend support, supporting field technicians (Chat), Networking, Technical Troubleshooting, Billing support etc.

·         Configuration and Activation of Business lines like Single line, PBX lines, GDN and DID services for customer by accessing switches as per the technical specifications provided in the Ticket of Work.

·         Helping the technicians on the field with Configuration of CMUX (Customer Multiplexer) which is a type of Pair Gain System and RIM (Remote Integrated Multiplexer).

·         Meeting deadline and assuring SLA is met.

·         Assigning work to the team members at the start of the shift.

·         Continuously working on Standard Operating Procedures and update the same to the team members whenever there are any changes to it.

·         Upskilling the new joinee and introduce them to the different queues to be worked on.



Previous Company 1 & 2: Stream Global Services (Mumbai, India) (12/09/2011 to 03/06/2012 & 18/08/2008 to 19/03/2010)


Job profile:

Customer Support for Time Warner Cable (U.S.A). The job profile was solving customer queries and customer complaints via ‘Email’ and ‘Live Chat’ channel. A customer uses the official website of Time Warner Cable to engage with us for Live Chat and Email. We use to support three core products which were Digital Cable, Digital Phone and Road Runner (ISP). The queries were relating to technical troubleshooting, billing, sales etc. Below is a description of the work I was involved in:

·         Delivering excellent customer experience, helping customers choose the right product and/or service for their requirements.

·         Problem solving and Troubleshooting.

·         Providing technical help to colleagues, if required.

·         Achieving KPIs, consistently exceeding key performance indicators,

·         Consistently achieving more than 90% in the Customer Satisfaction Surveys.

·         Maintaining an AHT (Average Handling Time) of 8 minutes (Chat) and Quality scores exceeding 90%.

·         Working on 4 Live Chat’s at a time.

·         Processing 60+ emails per day If rostered for support through emails.

·         Ensure First Time Resolutions for the customers.



Previous Company 3: WNS Global Services (Mumbai, India)

Job profile:

Customer Service for British Airways customers via Email channel. A customer use to send queries via British Airways official website which included general queries, rules and regulations, ticketing, fares, complaints, compliments, special requests, meal, upgrades, baggage allowances, lost articles,  queries relating to any special offer or anything advertised on the website etc.. Below is a description of the work I was involved in:

·         Solving 50+ emails a day from British Airways customers maintaining all the KPI’s.

·         Memorized all company products and services to be able to help the customer for what they are looking for.

·         Worked to ensure all individual and team targets were met.

·         Provided excellent customer service at all times.

·         Maintained a friendly manner and calm, positive demeanour when handling complaints.

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