Paulo Jorge de Oliveira e Silva


Electrician/ Electronics Technician


My name is Paulo Silva and I hold a diploma in Industrial Electronics. Currently I am working in CIMPOR-InterCement, a cement company located in Loulé, Portugal. Prior to my employment at CIMPOR-InterCemen, which is about eight years old, I was associated with PLASEQUIP, which is a Lisbon based company.

As a senior electronics technician in CIMPOR-InterCemen, I install and troubleshoot industrial machinery, including generators, motors, electric boards, cables and variable speed drives. I am comfortable working in confined and extreme spaces, under difficult working conditions and for long hours. Typically, I worked in small crews (three to five people) with little to no supervision; other crewmembers looked to me for advice in performing the electrical work. I am well-versed with different Industrial electrical systems and I also have some knowledge in PLC automation and PL7 Pro software. My company also provides training in Health and Safety on a monthly basis.

In addition to my specific electrician experience, my education and other work experience make me a great candidate for the electrician position. My strong work ethic, dependability, and ability to work well with others also make me an excellent candidate for this position. I am willing to work long hours, including nights and weekends. I am very eager to find an electrician job, and I will do whatever it takes to do the job right.



Technical Degree in Industrial Electronics and Automation at EPGE – Professional School Gustave Eiffel, Portugal


2009/Present Day

Technician of Industrial Electronics at Cimpor Intercement, Portugal

• Constructed and tested electronic circuits and installed point-to-point wire harnesses and connectors;
• Interact with control technicians and production control workers;
• Test and maintain computer-related industrial electronic control systems and electrical components;
• Conduct highly complex diagnostic and operational tests;
• Troubleshoot manufacturing and inspection test equipment on electronic parts of building facilities.


Technician of Industrial Electronics at PLASEQUIP, Lda Portugal

• Inspect equipment for proper performance and correct communication;
• Quickly replace faulty parts and unit wiring and retest systems;
• Ran cycle checks of electromechanical systems consisting of multiple integrated circuits;
• Set up sensitive electronic test tools and equipment.

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