Márton Csatlós


Librarian, Education Support, Info-Designer

Cobh, Ireland

10 years working experience between education institutes, libraries and information design projects.

Have a professional training and work experience in different libraries, form the basic duties and order keeping to a sophisticated info management and Web content creation and events organization. Worked in different school levels and city / county libraries.

Also engaged in the education, have diverse experience with children in school and  also in non-formal environment. Teaching, supporting organizing activities and taking responsibilities of the environment and  the safety, have regular meetings.

Made a special needs teachers training with Pilgrims in the UK.

Besides I have a lot of volunteering experience in very different places and countries (Spain, Portugal, Romania, Hungary), like farms, schools, commuity centers, homes.  I these cases I helped in: keeping the order, rearranging places, loading heavy and fragile things, cooking meals for many people, washing and cleaning, woodwork, using tools (also power tools), handcrafting, planting, cutting grass, feeding and working with animals, building – construction, childmining, teaching languages, solvng IT issues, creating instruments, giving joga and didgeridoo lessons, making infographics and so on.



BA in Pedagogy at Wesley James College, Budapest

Specialisation: Facilitated learning and individual development


MA in Library and Information Science at University of Szeged

Specialization: Web Content Management


BA in Library and Information Science at University of Pécs

Specialization: Information Literacy


2017 October/2020 August

Librarian, IT assistant, Pedagogical assistant at Rogers School and Kindergarden

Working in a complex role, where I could learn form the practice about the person-centred approach, cooperate with the teachers and children in different ways. Helper in informatic issues, tasks, creating learning materials, while being a part of the pedagogic team and
the weekly workshops, learn how to be an assistance, arranging tematic study groups, taking care the library and teaching IT for 7th grade students.
*half a year volunteering sabbatical in Spain

2018 February/August

volunteer in a permaculture farm at ADELA in Can Pipirimosca

Spain, Catalonia, Valls – EVS volunteer, Participate in a half year voulunteership in a farm, based on permaculture principles, function as a local and international community learning hub, where youth groups get know more sustainable lifestyle by experience it and related projects. Maintain the community garden, events in a town nearbye.
Cooking every day for the community members with anouther volunteer and taking care of the order, cleaning in the house and the farm.

2016 October/2017 September

School Librarian at BKSZC Kreatív Technikum (Budapest, Hungary)

Working with secondary and grammar school students and teachers,
arranging events, give support to bulid more inclusive place.

2014 December/2015 August

Creative Support at Starschema Ltd. (Budapest, Hungary)

Designing graphical materials for presentations, marketing purposes.
Learning the essentials of planning dashboards in BI environment, the usage of different visualization methods.

2014 October/December

Librarian, information specialist at SEK Budapest - International school (Budapest, Hungary)

Working with children (aged 3-18) in an multilingual environment. Managing the libary and knowledge sources, making presentations about infographics in the education. Exploring possibilities in Leonar3do – 3D modelling, augmented reality device.

2013 October/2014 June

Designer at Dapner Solutions Ltd. – palprices.com

Panning Website visuals and concepts, wireframes and special services as well, UI and UX design. Designing infographics and additional graphic resources for information sharing and marketing purposes. Cooperation with programmers, versioning. Participation in a Startup competition with the group.

2012 November/2013 June

Reference Librarian at Somogyi-library, city and county library. (Szeged, Hungary)

Reader services, delivering quality customer services, managing Website
and e-sources, making exhibitions, planning infographics and graphical resources.

2021 August/2022 July

Teacher / Facilitator at Malom-Alom

Part of a Democratic homeschooling group, with both the elementary
(children aged between 6-10) and lower secondary age group (10-14), help to go after their interests, support the different learning ways and styles. Weekly stuff meetings, organization of pedagogical work and the environment.

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