Lucas Engo Cataluña



Cork City, Irish

My name is Lucas, I am 31 years old and I from Spain. I have arrived to Cork this week. I would to improve my English, work and to learn about Irish culture.

I have studied a course of Naval Carpenter taught in Lanzarote (Canary islands, Spain).

Additionally I have do some jobs eventually of restoration as to work: wood doors, wood beams, wood windows.

I have Forklift licence taught spanish air force and 13 years experience in freight shed and plane load and unload with the forklift and lifting platform.

I have worked as warehouse opperative tasks for example: Stock control, vehicles or shelves load and unload with the forklift or by hand, freight shed cleaning and organisa- tion.

I like to work in a good environment, provide all the knowledge acquired so far to give an optimal service in his company and to continue learning. I consider myself a positive person, organized,punctual and own initiative. I like working with other work colleagues.

Currently I have flexible schedules and would be willing to work in any shift.
I enclose my CV which gives full details of my qualifications and work record to date.

I would be keen to tell you more about my suitability at interview, and would be plea- sed to meet with you. I can be contacted on 0894367821 or [email protected].

Yours sincerely
 Lucas Engo Cataluña


13 - 09 - 1999 / 25 - 06 - 2004

Compulsory secondary education. at I. E. S L' Ollería ( Valencia, Spain)

15-09-2014 / 25-06-2015

College admissions test. at UNED (Spain)

01-05-2017 / 22-06-2018

Naval carpenter course. at I.E.S Pancho Lasso, Lanzarote ( Canary Islands, Spain)

04-03-2013 / 21-06-2013

Football coach nivel 1. at Federation Football Madrid , Madrid (Spain)

02-04-2000 / 15-06-2000

Tjyping course at Computing Grima, L' Ollería ( Valencia, Spain)


25-10-2005 / 31-10-2018


Placed in the S.A.T.A (air transport support section) .

– Main tasks in the office:
• Stock control.
• Passangers entry and exit control.
• Cargo and passangers manifest preparation.
• Dangerous goods acceptance.

– Main tasks in the aircraft hangar and freight shed:
• The hangar cleaning and organisation.
• Cargo preparation in the aircaft.
• Vehicles load and unload with the forklift or by hand.

– Main tasks on the platform:
• Plane load and unload with the forklift.
• Plane load and unload with the lifting platform.
• Plane arrival and departure to / from platform.

27-11-2004 / 10-10-2005

ACSA Films in L’ Ollería (Valencia, Spain) at APPRENTICE

– Main tasks:
• Plastic bags production.

27-06-2004 / 27-08-2004

Vitrocolor S.L. in L’ Ollería (Valencia, Spain) at WAREHOUSE OPERATIVE

– Main tasks:
• Goods load and unload.
• Store organisation.
• Box preparation.

27-06-2003 / 27-08-2003

Creaciones Santi S.L. In L’ Ollería (Valencia, Spain) at WAREHOUSE OPERATIVE

– Main tasks:
• Goods load and unload.
• Store organisation.
• Souvenir preparation.

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