Business Consultant

Cork city, Ireland

Good communication and audience awareness can make or break your business. Are you talking your audience language or your own jargon ?

My experience ? +3 years of working in start-up and small businesses, side by side with business owners. I know exactly what are the struggles, needs and Gap that you need to overcome. You need a fresh set of eyes.

Did you ever wait in a London train station? Your are waiting on the quay, the train is coming, the door – in front of you – is opening and then a voice is announcing, “Please mind the GAP between the train and the platform”.
This gap is how close your company’s marketing strategy is (the train), from your audience (the platform). If you feel this gap is longer than a step away, feel free to contact me and I will get back to you.

First of all, it’s all about diving in-depth in your needs by practicing active listening. Then, we will reframe your message to address correctly your core audience.

I am also a French native, so I can take an English text and craft a parallel copy in French. Reading a lot and helping business in their writing process, I’m truly gifted at writing in French.

If you need some alchemy in your marketing & business strategy, contact me !

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