Chloe Thompson


Sales Assistant

Cork, Ireland


Personal Details

Name:                          Chloe Thompson

Address:                      3 Rocklands Carrigtohill

Telephone:                   083-1513325

E-mail:                                       [email protected]


Determination: Determined to work hard when asked to do a task

Enthusiasm: Very co-operative with other people and friendly


Primary School:           2004-2013:                  Scoil Chlochuir Muire  Carrigtwohill Co Cork

Post Primary:               2013-2018:                   St Aloysius College Carrigtwohill Co Cork

Examinations:                          Junior Certificate 2016

Subject                                                       Level                                                   Grade

English                                                     Ordinary                                                  C

Maths                                                       Foundation                                               D

History                                                     Ordinary                                                  B

Business                                                   Ordinary                                                  C

Geography                                               Ordinary                                                  B

C.S.P.E                                                    Common                                                  D

Science                                                    Ordinary                                                 C

Home Economics                                    Ordinary                                                  B

Leaving Certificate 2018

Subject                                                         Level                                                      Grade

English                                                      Ordinary

Maths                                                        Ordinary

Geography                                                Ordinary

History                                                      Ordinary

Biology                                                     Ordinary

L.C.V.P                                                     Common


Work Experience:

Date:               11th -14th of April 2017

Employer:        Amanda Cody

Top Floor unit 9 Distillery Lanes Midleton Co. Cork

Duties:             Washing and Blow drying dogs


Brushing up the hair on the ground

Date:              January 2016-Present

Employer:       Genevieve  Guerin

Carrigtwohill, Co Cork

Duties:             Making sure the child is okay

Checking in on him and listening

Listening to see if he wakes or cries

Date:                1st -3rd of November 2017

Employer:       Cashmen and O’Driscoll Veterinary Hospital

Duties:            Observing castrations, dentals and bloods being done

Helping out when an animal’s bloods being taken

Helping around the veterinary practice


Interests & Hobbies

Playing Basketball for St Aloysius College

Playing Piano on the weekends and learning to play it

Learning Astronomy from time to time at the weekend


Winning a Basketball Championship in 2015 in Munster as a Junior Cadet Team

Winning Medals in Primary School for running, Irish dancing and football within the school

Performing in the Opera House in Cork City by doing dancing in 2012 with my dance group


Amanda Cody                                                           Genevieve  Guerin

Top Floor unit 9 Distillery Lanes,Midleton             No:8 An Cuasan,Carrigtwohill

Co. Cork                                                                   Co. Cork

Tel:0214632948                                                        Tel:0876529087


Cashmen and O’Driscoll Veterinary Hospital

Riverstowm Mews, Whites Cross, Glanmire

Co, Cork




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