carlos santamaria


Waiter, cafe assistant and kitchen porter


Highly-motivated waiter with experience of working in food service industry. Polite and hardworking
person practised in busy cafeterias, bars and restaurants. Now, I am seeking a position as a waiter or coffee assistant, but also I can perform as a kitchen porter because I have one year of experience on it.
Moreover, I have been many years in this kind of jobs because I understand and adapt quickly to the work system.
Now my goal is to improve my English level and I would like to live in Ireland for many years.



Leaving Certificate at IES Ataulfo Argenta


june 2011 - sept 2011

Cafe assistant at Las Rocas Hotel

-Preparating and serving coffee and snacks
-Clearing tables and kitchen duties
-Maintaining stock at an appropiate level

January 2014 / December 2014

Kitchen porter at Deluxe Bar

– Whasing and cleaning dishes, pots, pans and any
other kitchen utilities
– Assisting a basic food preparation
– Maintaining the kitchen work areas in accordance
with regulations
-Loading and unloading food deliveries

January 2015 / October 2017

Waiter and cafe assistant at Deluxe bar

– Preparating and serving coffee and other beverages
– Processing orders and handling cash using
computerised system.
– Maintaining areas to a hygienic standard
– Serving dishes to customers at tables
– Answering phones and taking orders

January 2018 - July 2018

Waiter at La Lecheria de Castro

– Welcoming guests to the restaurant, escorting them
to their table and also informing them the menu
– Providing a warm welcome for customers
– Understand menu content and keeping up to date
with any menu changes
– Serving dishes to customers at tables
– Taking orders and delivering to the kitchen
– Decorating and preparing desserts
– Preparing and setting tables for the next customers
– Maintaining a clean workspace at all time

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