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cork, the glen


Name:                           Callum O’Sullivan

Address:                        49 Arderin Way, The Glen, Cork

Contact number:          085 214 4941

Email address:              [email protected]


Personal Profile


A committed and reliable secondary school student with an excellent academic record.  Very focused, enthusiastic, and a great team player with the ability to work independently and within a team environment.  Open to opportunities for summer work and to gaining new skills.



Education & Training:


Sept 2017 – present             Glanmire Community College, Glanmire, Cork


Subjects include:

Business                    economics                   French             accounting




Work Experience:


June 2021                 The Glen Resource Centre

Landscape Support

2020 was a difficult year to secure transition year work experience due to Covid-19, however, after finishing 4th year and when restrictions were lifted, I secured an opportunity for work experience in a local allotment while continuing to look for summer work.


Duties included:

·         Providing daily support to the landscape gardeners

·         Sanding, priming and painting allotment fences

·         Repairing, sanding and varnishing garden furniture

·         Ensuring bedding areas are free from weeds and litter

·         Gained an understanding of different soil requirements of plants, herbs and vegetables

·         Interacting with visitors and communicating in a polite and friendly manner

·         Receiving deliveries and ensuring stock is stored correctly

·         Ensuring safety in line with safety training

·         General cleaning, ensuring the gardens and staff kitchen are clean and free from clutter


July 2021                  Elis, Little Island

(General operative) summer work

Duties included:

·         Making sure inventory is neat and clean

·         Operating machinery

·         Receiving deliveries and ensuring stock is stored correctly

·         Ensuring safety in line with safety training

·         Being able to operate on different machinery at any moment

·         Folding clothes , towels ,pillow cases ,bed sheets etc

·         Being able to work on my feet for 8 hours

·         Communicating with staff

·         Fast and efficient working speeds





Hobbies and interests:


I played football with Mayfield soccer club and progressed from 3rd division with the U12 team to premiership with the U14 team until the club folded.  I now playing football and basketball with my school teams. I also enjoy making stuff out of wood. I built a 6 by 3 meter shed with my dad during lockdown. I built a gym in the shed and I use it 3-4 times a week to keep fit. I’m highly interested in bodybuilding and nutrition.


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