Arigita Lopez



Cork, Ir

Rutland Street,6 Cork, IR
Tel. 0892100416 +34 635.39.01.34 [email protected]
In a short-midterm due to my young age I find myself at the right moment to embark on a more mature and challenging stage in my life in order to obtain relevant professional, specialised experience and knowledge in a workplace. As I have studied to be an x-ray technician, I am clearly inclined towards opportunities in this area. However, I am open to explore other fields, step out of my comfort zone, and challenge myself to become successful in those. I realize that I am not in a position to be demanding about the opportunities available but I will be willing to do my best to satisfy my future employer’s expectations whatever the duties may be. I am aware of my language disadvantage though I am positive that my personality makes up for it and being immersed the language I will soon become quite competent and communicative.
Work experience placement in Hospital (March-June 2018)
Radiographer: Carrying out daily duties in the x-ray unit, scanner, magnetic resonance, mammography and nuclear medicine unit. Including administrative tasks as well as dealing with patients and staff.
Lifeguard work:
Three summer seasons between June and September.
Reception and general assistant

Casual job assistance in a family podology practice for the last three years.
Duties: taking appointments, cleaning equipment and helping with daily running of the business.


·IES Ega, San Adrián, Spain— Secondary school. September 2009 – July 2015.

·Paula Montal, Logroño, Spain —Radiographer, Superior degree as X-ray technician. September 2016 – July 2018

I am fully available to work at any time working days and all weekends.
Able to perform a variety of catering and hospitality task, general computer skills. Adaptability in teamwork.
Sports: moderate activities for leisure e.g. bowling. Sightseeing, documentaries, lifestyle and culture related topics.

Spanish native, English intermediate (Improving quickly), Russian (Good comprehension, basic speaking)

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