Antonija Katusic


Economist, Acupuncturist


Dear Sir/ Madam

I would like to introduce myself as I submit my CV into you and would like to provide the following information.

I really welcome the opportunity to be part of the Caseys furniture family where I feel I can enhance the lives  through my experience as an sales assistant, therapist, economist. Through all this years my passion is working with people and provide them best service on all levels. there are small details which make experience part of beautiful and attractive memory. With so many deals on the market  I see that unique service can bring company on another level. In the end we all want to be happy.

I have had the experience of working in different countries and feel I am culturally aware and have the added benefit of being bi-lingual and able to converse in English and Croatian.


I would really welcome the opportunity to meet with you and discuss my application in further detail.

Kindest regards

Antonija Katusic




Acupuncture at Oriental College of Medicine, Cork


Master of Economy, Zagreb at University Of Zagreb



Sales Assistant-Keyholder at Mr.price

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