Anderson Vieira



Cork city

I’m Anderson, currently I am living in Cork City, Cork Co. In Ireland, Larissa’s husband and from
Maceio city in Brazil. Actually, I consider myself a citizen of the world, with no strings attached,
passionate about travel and about learning things from others cultures, I love doing exercises like
weightlifting and CrossFit and meeting new people. Nowadays, I want getting as much
experience as possible extract from the places where I’ve visited.
I have lived in some states in Brazil and I am proud to know a large part of my country, whether
traveling by car or other means of transport, for work, studies and holidays. I really like playing
sports and enjoying the rich Brazilian cuisine.
I am a chemical engineer, graduated from the Federal University of Alagoas – UFAL (public
university in my country), with ten years of experience in cement industries, concrete artefacts,
petrochemicals, consulting in several companies with varied segments and different sizes and
with environmental and quality regulations of the product in concession of essential water supply
and sewage collection and treatment services.
My professional career began with an internship at a great opportunity in Braskem petrochemical
plant that produces chlorine, caustic soda and dichloroethane, where I worked in production and
industrial processes. Then I went to the construction materials segment, acting as a Trainee in
Industrial Engineering, where I was able to experience several areas, optimize the implementation
of waste co-processing in a small unit that needed this modal to be more profitable and
competitive, thus acquiring responsibilities of optimization and quality in the chemical process, as
well as the commissioning of equipment for plant startup.
Afterwards, I went through Process Engineering and became Coordinator and, 2 years later,
Quality Manager, but having previously assumed the functions that designated a quality and
processes manager, taking over quality control laboratory, water and effluent treatment of the
plant and the team of process engineers and technicians.
At that professional moment, he was also the technical manager of the 2nd largest cement factory
in the northeast, in Baraúna-RN.

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