Ireland Minimum Wage Increase by 2020

In 2020 the national minimum wage in Ireland is likely to be increased to  €10.10 per hour. The Low Pay Commission has recommended the minimum wage level should rise by 30 cents per hour for adults.

The Government says it has accepted the recommendations of the Low Pay Commission – but they have decided that a decision on the date of implementation will be made when the outcome of Brexit negotiations becomes clearer.

However, In the event of a “no – deal” Brexit the minimum wage might not be increased.

If €10.10 is the new minimum wage in 2020 – these will be the increased rates for the different age groups.

  • Aged 20 or more  :  – €10.10 per hour
  • Aged under 18 :  – €7.07 per hour (70%)
  • Aged 18  : – €8.08 per hour  (80%)
  • Aged 19 :  – €9.09 per hour (90%)

The Living Wage is a level of pay recommended by the Living Wage Technical Group. It is not mandatory – just advisory.

That advisory body recently raised its recommended minimum living wage from €11.90 per hour to €12.30.

Details of the Minimum Wage in 2019 Here