I am Non European/Non-EEA, How can I get a Job in Cork, Ireland?

Try keep trying !!! Never give up !!!

First of all, Get an European Citizenship or PR should be your long term goal. Most of Irish companies don’t sponsor visa’s for outside people unless your skills are niche and much needed in the market. Having European Citizenship is an advantage and in most cases a must.


Second, Be in Europe or Cork, Ireland – Being in Ireland is a must for you if you want the Irish recruiters/companies contact you and hire you. If you are outside Europe or Ireland, make sure you learn and practice a niche skill that fulfill the European market’s needs.


Third, Online Job Search – Network on sites like LinkedIn. Use LinkedIn to search for your specific job roles and people working in your interesting field / organisation , try connecting with them through linked in premium trial. LinkedIn has advanced search options which helps you to do that. You have options in LinkedIn to get new job alerts in specific areas of your interest, in a specific organisation or specific location in Cork, Ireland. Keep your LinkedIn profile up-to-date and let the recruiters know that you have a PR or looking for job in Cork, Ireland (by updating your name with it). You have an option in LinkedIn to let recruiters know that you are looking for jobs. Try connecting to recruiters who are posting jobs of your interest. Try reaching them with crisp and short message that you are looking for a job in this field and this location and portray your skills in brief.

Forth, Register in job sites like Jobsharing website, JobsIreland– Ireland’s no. 1 jobs, employment, career and recruitment site and Job Search | Indeed to get your specific job alerts.


Fifth, Get a good resume and cover letter. Modify your resume according to the job opening and try to include all keywords which are in the Key areas of expertise which recruiter is looking for. Don’t lie as well.

Sixth, Prepare for answers to behavioral questions in the interview. HR will ask lots of examples which you had in your official life which relates to your behavior. They will try to assess you to see how you fit in the organization.


Seventh, Make an Interview notebook – this book from one side cover your technical notes what you learn. And from other side your interview questions (both behavioral and technical) note down all questions what you got for an interview and prepare a better answer based on your experience. Prepare a timeline of all events in your official life so that you can relate your examples to the behavioral questions what you get and real life incidents. This book will be useful for your entire career progression.

Last but not the least, Try, never give up and you will succeed.

PS: I did all the above. I got a PR when I was outside Ireland, searched for jobs for 2 years from outside (more than 300 jobs applied, 3 company recruiters turned up for Skype/phone interview, one recruiter cancelled interview on previous day of interview, one company I finished one round and rejected) and last one now after two rounds of Skype interview and HR interview finally I got an offer and I am landing in Cork, Ireland.

Persistence is the key. All the best !!!