Career Introspection: Will Your Love Open the Door?

What if you had all you needed to open new doors for your career?

What if you had held the magic wands that would lead to the next connection, the next big thing, the next opportunity to bring your superpowers to work?

What if the Beatles were right, that “all you need is love”? Comparing it to grow your own career?

Okay, Take a deep breath and Let’s dive into it!

A Love Story

Earlier this week, I read an article about a VIP career strategy for women in The U.S. Like many of other VIP meetings, especially for female entrepreneurs, people who can participate were smart and successful, but now they felt stuck as to what’s next for their career.

In preparation for our work, they’d already sorted through three options–we’ll call them A, B, and C.

  • A was the “big money” option.
  • B was the “safe and easy” option.
  • And C, was the “if only” option, as in “if only doing that made any money” and “if only that was a R-E-A-L JOB.”

Like many people, they were trying hard to convince themselves that A and B would be the better choices for their career and life–if only they could get excited about them.

But the only option that really got their heart thumping was option C.

And so after giving A and B their deserving strokes, they started exploring C further. They started nipping away at the assumptions and myths and fears. First thing first. Focusing on what–and who–you loved.

And then the doors opened.

First, by talking about option C with the belief it could be real–not just a fantasy–they described it more honestly and precisely, rather than skimming over details or feeling embarrassed for wanting this type of opportunity.

Second, by thinking about who’s already in their life, they immediately thought of two people who they can ask for opportunities to move their closer to option C. These people already care about them, the relationships are already secure, in place, and require no stretch or risk. Another set of doors opened.

And so the adventure starts. Who knows where those doors will lead, but indeed, those doors will soon lead to more doors. And all they needed was the love of this idea, their option C, and to tap into the love they already has around her in friends, her family, and her community.

And finally, Happy Valentine’s Day (No matter when, with whom, and where you read this article)

I’m writing this article on Valentine’s Day. Me, I, and myself are sitting at my favorite chair and my desk in my room. There’s a music track playing overhead, and right now in my headphone. (Inspired by: Darcy Eikenberg ACC)

Your Turn NOW: Had your love opened doors for your career? LOVE to hear your stories in the comments below.