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    What's Job Sharing ?

    What's Job Sharing ?

    It is very hard to find an ideal job. Not anymore, so Job Sharing is a job search web service that can help you to find that ideal job !
    How Does It Work?

    How Does It Work?

    Build your profile CV online and we will help you to find the perfect match job for you. Otherwise, you can just search for the jobs that you wish to apply by yourself.
    Who We are?

    Who We are?

    Job Sharing is a leading global job search platform for listing skills and expertise allowing employers and employees to connect with each other. We make this painful job search process as easy and powerful as possible for everyone. We also take donation !
    What Job Sharing Services Look Like?

    What Job Sharing Services Look Like?

    We provide both free and paid services including publishing your CV, Building your very own portfolio website, Promoting your stores/companies/businesses and many mores.

    Ready to Get Started?

    1. Sign Up and Build Your CV Profile.

    We designed the service with you in mind and built in some of the most requested features, including: info graphic CV, online portfolio website, and many mores.

    2. Choose Your Subscription Plan.

    Our introductory package is €24.99 per month that includes online CV post, career consultation and full support of your portfolio website (domain name and hosting is included). We also offer a plan for only €14.99 monthly which includes online CV post and career consultation. Pricing outside Europe may be different. Do you want to give it a try ? You can start by having just €1 plan with just Only online CV post.

    3. Shape the Future of Your Dream Career.

    Whether you love or hate the service (or anything in between), we would like to know for enhancing our service in the future.

    • I've never been proud of myself ...

      I've never been proud of myself ...

      I've been long wanting to have my very own website but never have any chance and knowledge to do so. Then, I contacted Job Sharing team to help me. After using the service and having my very own portfolio website, I've never been proud of myself than ever before. Thank you so much.

      Peter O'Connor
    • Job filled within days after posting ...

      Job filled within days after posting ...

      I just wanted to say a big thank you to Job Sharing customer supports team, for their assistance with our job posting and advertisements which turned out to be a wonderful success due to the hard work ethic and great professional approach to our company. Great service!

      Brigid O'Sullivan
    • Great Support and CV chat ..

      Great Support and CV chat ..

      After long have been unemployed, I was frustrated and thought that I would never have any jobs. I was depressed and losing my self confidence. This service helped me a lot to rebuild myself up and start all over again. Thanks a million! Highly Recommended!

      Augnobi Silva

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